Thursday, 21 July 2011

Listen Lads, I've Got a Great Idea

In these angst-ridden days what we really need is less Murdoch lies and corruption stories, less Eurozone economic crisis stories, less Dollarzone debt default stories, less corrupt police and politician stories and more Fluffy Kitten stories. So here you are then, and please don't ever say I won't show you a good time, loyal reader.

These little guys and gals were born on the 22nd June, so have almost known a life without The News Of The World. Lucky them. They do have their own agenda though and it's fuelled by greed and excitement 24/7. When they're not sleeping that is.

"Hey look! There's Mum"

"Come on, he's spotted Mum"

"Get out of my way, kitties, I'm coming through"

"Nice one, Number 6, get that headlock working"

"Cheers yeah, Mum. Now, where shall we go next?"

"Six. SIX! Do I really deserve this?"

Sunday, 10 July 2011

... and relax, on the Longest Day

Northamptonshire poppies as currently showing; slightly blurred and colour shifted as these 70's camera Lomo & hipster enthusiasts would like to have it.

The real story - low light in the last light of the Longest Day - getting on for 10pm, the old Spotmatic, 35mm lens and using an old roll of Ektachrome up which should have been finished and developed years ago. Never mind, looks alright I think.
This light and at this hour seems unbelievable, a fantasy, in England after the beginning of October and before the middle of May...I post this to reassure myself it's really possible, and true, and will return.