Thursday, 24 December 2009

Jet Set Christmas Holidays in Beirut, 1960s - Part 3


So here we are with some skiing up at the Cedars, quite the most exclusive ski resort east of St Moritz. Our little Christmas party kicks off here, apres-ski. Then we head back down to the coast in time for Boxing Day, on the beach.

Our exclusive hotel - 1960s style!

Boxing Day lunch with light musical accompaniment, courtesy of Garam Chiba and his orchestra.

Currently signed to Mr Orville Campbell's 'Colonial Records', I expect after this trip they'll soon be distributed internationally on the Piley-Mondo Podcast label. Not so sure about Ebe Sneezer and his Epidemics though.

Pest Holidays hope you're having a lovely time!

Jet Set Christmas Holidays in Beirut, 1960s - Part 2

Somewhat delayed due to adverse weather conditions in Great Britain, we're finally on our way. Our destination - Beirut, playground of the Middle East.

On board today is Mr David Niven, noted film actor presently serving as your BOAC De Luxe class steward, due to a lack of work. Please keep your hands off him, Miss Woo.

Drinks and other refreshments will be served shortly, followed by the Lunch service:

What are you having?

You are invited to enjoy the following film, from Mr Harold Baim and Mr Valentine Dyall, about our exotic destination.

Is that Prince Rainier over there, sitting next to King Hussein?

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Jet Set Christmas Holidays in Beirut, 1960s - Part 1

Yes blogging friends, that's right. This year, our annual Christmas outing takes us to 1960s Beirut - meeting place of East and West. Skiing in the morning and the beach in the afternoon; pulsating, exotic, throbbing nightlife by, er, night.

After the trials and tests of a turbulent year, we're off to the Paris of the East; cosmopolitan, liberal, exciting - and the perfect Christmas getaway for the blogging Jet Set. After last year's stunningly successful trip to the Caribbean, I have high hopes for this years trip.

It's sometime in the, pack your bags and observe the pre-flight movies.

We're travelling with BOAC again - of course...

Who's on board this year?

Friday, 4 December 2009

Richard Todd R.I.P.

I feel quite upset about this. God rest him.