Friday, 4 December 2009

Richard Todd R.I.P.

I feel quite upset about this. God rest him.


Piley said...

A worthy post OP, Todd was a tip top bloke, and an amazing actor too. But lets not forget he was a REAL hero as well, not just on the silver screen... He was one of the first paratroopers in Normandy on D-Day.

RIP Indeed.


office pest said...

Yes Piley he was. I had the honour of meeting Mr Todd at Pegasus Bridge way back in 1994. I managed to get a few words with him and he pointed out some of the places he had been in the action of 6th June 1944. Then he went off to talk to some old comrades, both Army and locals.
It seemed frivolous and almost disrespectful to ask him for photos or autographs in that setting so I didn't.

I did get a photo signed much later from a personal appearance he was making though, which I happened upon by complete chance.
I dived into the venue after driving past it on my way to catch a plane.
After a bit of of aggro at the airport I managed to catch the flight by the skin of my teeth, but by God, it was worth it!

As you'll know, he had plenty of troubles in his life, not least being caught up in a world war, but the two times I met him he seemed to me to bear himself with dignity and strength. I imagine he didn't suffer fools willingly so I got off lightly really :)

Piley said...

great story OP - that's a blog-post in itself!