Saturday, 12 December 2009

Jet Set Christmas Holidays in Beirut, 1960s - Part 1

Yes blogging friends, that's right. This year, our annual Christmas outing takes us to 1960s Beirut - meeting place of East and West. Skiing in the morning and the beach in the afternoon; pulsating, exotic, throbbing nightlife by, er, night.

After the trials and tests of a turbulent year, we're off to the Paris of the East; cosmopolitan, liberal, exciting - and the perfect Christmas getaway for the blogging Jet Set. After last year's stunningly successful trip to the Caribbean, I have high hopes for this years trip.

It's sometime in the, pack your bags and observe the pre-flight movies.

We're travelling with BOAC again - of course...

Who's on board this year?


Piley said...

LOVE that BOAC flight bag!! I have a wonderful British Airways 70's flight bag that I often use as my 'man-bag' of choice... Someone always comments on it when I take it out. Genuine old knacker it is, none of your Camden type repro stuff!!


LF Barfe said...

Oooh, I've got something for you. Only BEA, mind.

office pest said...

Piley, Louis, good to know you're on board.

Still not full yet though.