Thursday, 7 February 2008

"Trying Not to Pose, For the Cameras and the Girls" / 'Don't Hold Back - Fire Up the Quattro, Bolly Knickers!'

Nice to see our hero's return, and just as big in every way.

Favourite moments of detail? The footbridge down to the river boat that was rusting and peeling in 2008, and then pristine and new a few minutes later in 1981. And The Passions, 'I'm in Love With a German Film Star'. Got that on a single somewhere, probably still round at my Dad's. I remember I got it for 20p, remaindered from WH Smith, and it was on really thick vinyl with a silver, or perhaps dark blue, screen printed 'painted' label.

Strangely enough I got Roxy's 'The Same Old Scene' (that ones on thin vinyl though) out of the same box, probably on the same day. That's weird. They're both mighty tracks though. Happy days.

As for the rest, it can't possibly be 27 years ago, can it? But I remember it so well! That's like me in 1970 watching a film set in 1943...and that can't be right at all. Time flies.

And then, I actually had to explain to Mrs OP what TaB cola was. F**k me, I must be old.


Roman Empress said...

Thank goodness for Cable's watch on demand service. I was on holiday last week and haven't seen this yet.

Planet Mondo said...

Hello OP

Thanks so much for that link to the catalogue goodies on Ebay. I did a 'Buy Now' on one - I'll let you know when some pic's are up

Thanks again