Thursday, 30 October 2008

Full of Hot Air 2

Talking to a schoolteacher the other night, an enthusiastic newly qualified young woman, I asked why the reading book changeover was becoming erratic. Well, she says, I don't 'manage' that process, Mrs. so-and-so does it, 'while I proceed with actioning morning input'.

It turned out she meant taking the register.

Why does everybody want to ape city-business-bollocks speak? I mean these days it's not a great role model for anyone, given the ruination of the world economy, and for educators of young children, is it ever?


Roman Empress said...

Hello, I agree. That's wank. I'm a teacher and it most certainly is 'the register'. For the record, I must admit, I was always a bit sloppy about book changeover, sounds like the corp speak might have been a birrova cover-up.

office pest said...

I did wonder if that was the reason, roman empress; a bunch of year 3s talking like the Apprentices will just be plain silly.