Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Full of Eastern Promise

Well, after a marathon stint at work over the whole of the Bank Holiday weekend, that's the hard work done for now.

All that remains is to pack my smalls, elephant gun and solar topee. I intend to be the complete tourist and live on confectionery for two whole weeks, whilst scanning the horizon for marauding wildlife.

My sugar intake should set me up nicely to attend belly-dancing lessons; one has to respect the culture and take part in order to truly bond with a country and it's peoples, don't you find?

Actually, I'm pretty sure that they don't have marauding wildlife in Turkey but, as Five-Centres loves to hear people say, "what-evah!"

Bye for now.


Planet Mondo said...

Turkey is mad, I went there a few years back - and have never been anywhere with so many incidents of hi-randomness

Piley said...

Have a fab time! Mondo is right, it's bonkers! great... but bonkers! See how many times you hear the phrase "you jokey"!

Dont forget to send us a card, a big helping of turkish delight and a crateload of apple tea!!



office pest said...

Is it possible to O/D on Turkish Delight? I think it's an experiment worth trying.

Planet Mondo said...

I've never heard so much hootin' and a beepin' in my life. You'll see the maddest drivers in the world - oh and they turn the traffic lights off after dark in some places, full families on one motorbike, be offered non-stop apple chai (tea)

You must try...

Turkish Pizza (like Crepes really)
Menemen (Turkish Scrambled Egg)
And a ride on a Dolmus..