Monday, 3 August 2009

Junk Mail

I've never seriously considered becoming an international trader in goods, but now that Mr Hong from Shanghai has been in touch with me, I think I might do it.

"Dear Sir/Madame,


This is John Hong, from Integrate Shipping Limited in Shanghai. It would be my great pleasure if we can help you to get more money target /business expending in China. I am writing to make sure you don't miss out on the great chance to construct a relationship with a Chinese freight forwarder. Take few minutes at hereinafter.

As we are so care and treasure even a single chance to serve you. I thought we are capable with professional manner based on network, diligent staff in offices at Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, even stronger than your Chinese suppliers to take care your business throughout China.

You need a good, reliable logistics partner at China to cover your cargo logistics needs, specially at liaison affairs to keep commercial secret, information/status update, save cost at communication/consolidation job to keep eyes on suppliers in China with strong customs broker services. We are in neutrality, to small supplier, we even can pay small bill for you to pick up goods first, we help you at currency exchange at lucrative price indeed.

So now you got a great opportunity to be served.

To learn more about us, please have a glance of our homepage : We are so close to you cause we have set agency network all around world even Africa, not only you will be served in China, but also in your good country, our agents are more than happy to tailor cargo solutions for you and your customers. We now are more than a freight forwarder as we also have a trading company with license to help our customers to settle customs declare both import and export.

You can also benefit from creating a right Chinese supplier, right goods that we check for you, even after your order is placed, we can help you to make inspection of quality of goods based on sample you provide, check background of supplier, pay deposit/subscription in advance to supplier if need.......etc,etc. Work with ISL, you take great advantage of cost effective solutions and specifically enable you be assured to quality cargo services cover whole China.

We appreciate that you can let us know where we can start our work in China to cooperate with your esteemed company.

I look forward to hearing from you soon."

Well, his English is better than my Chinese.

Anyway, anybody else want in before I go back to him?

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Piley said...

I think this is genuine mate!! Send him your bank account details right this minute!! ;-)