Tuesday, 16 February 2010


I've just found out that the man who wrote, sung and played lead on 'My Sharona', Doug Fieger, has gone. Only 57 as well, which makes the big Countdown clock in the sky seem a little bigger today.

Albeit the song being about a 27 year old man's lustful obsession with a 16 year old girl, (glass houses) it's a top tune and this version is the one with the proper guitar solo in. Though the Ramones pictures don't make a lot o sense.

Anyway, apparently the loving couple spent quite a few years together, and she was also with him in his last days, just last week. So no remarks at the back please, just up it loud and enjoy.

For myself, I have 4 days away from work and it feels like Christmas. It's the longest break I've had from work since last September, and that includes Christmas/NY as well. Shan't complain too much, I've been out of work and that's no holiday either.

So tomorrow is Dec 23rd. Thursday is Christmas Eve etc etc. That's if things don't go tits up at work and I have to go back early.

Might make a visit to the British Museum on Thursday. That's if I can negotiate a train ticket for three for under £100. (Don't bank on it). I want to reconnect with our stolen treasures, and Daughter is interested in Egypt. I can't tell you how many years it's been since I was at the Museum, in fact I'm not sure if I've ever been there at all. I must have though.

How the years spin by; and as Mr Fieger teaches us, you just never know, do you? Best have those mildly or wildly inappropriate love affairs while you can.


planet mondo said...

Did you know My Sharona was produced by Mike Chapman - him of The Sweet, Mud, Blondie's Heart of Glass etc..

If you're doing the British Museum - pop into the Cartoon Museum just around the corner. Not free but worth a visit if you're so close..

Piley said...

I second that... the Cartoon Museum is a real treat, and literally seconds from the Brit Museum... and don't forget that Gosh comics (the best indie comic shop ever!) is somehow between the two!!! How can you resist?!

Have a great day!


office pest said...

Didn't make it guys, snow plus other miscellaneous events stopped play unfortunatley.
But thanks for the tip - another time.