Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Talk Talk = Walk Walk

Now, if someone was to have said to me awhile back, when Tiscali (who I was with) were taken over by Talk Talk  I'd one day be looking back on the Tiscali Years like they were some kind of Golden Age, I'd have laughed in their face.

Yep that's right folks, the service from Talk Talk is officially worse than Tiscali's. And it's not just the technical stuff that doesn't perform, it's the reporting and resolution process as well - almost as if they don't want you to tell them that they're El Crappola. OpenReach are part of the problem too no doubt, but they won't talk talk to me, only to Talk Talk - who you just cannot get a grip on. So everybody gets away with it.

Currently 'enjoying' a 0.2Mbps download speed, off a supposedly 5Mbps service (which at it's best only reaches a tolerable 3.8, but I'd settle for that today).

The Talk Talk fault resolution process seems to revolve around a self-help forum 'moderated' by people with avatars like the one above. The very sight of which is enough to tell you that it's going to take forever to get anywhere, and not end well.

Useless, useless, smug arrogant bastards.


Jon Peake said...

I've got Talk Talk broadband. Terrible. Soooooooo slow. And always cutting out.

If I didn't get it for free I'd have moved on a long, long time ago.

office pest said...

I have to pay nearly £20 a month which makes it all the more painful. But I cannot get a clear decision on who's to blame - OpenReach for old crap wiring or Talk Talk for old crap servers.

They're all pass-the-blame bastards, Jon, and that's the truth.