Wednesday, 1 April 2009

625 & 405

You don't see many of the old style 405 line VHF TV aerials these days and no wonder as they've been unable to pick up a useful TV signal for more than 20 years. So those that are left, although obsolete often remain in place, safely out of reach. A perch for birds and a passing query for anyone happening to glance upwards.

Actually you don't see too many of the 'old style' 625 UHF aerials being put up these days either. Most people seem to believe the hype that they need an aerial resembling a massive bog-brush in order to pick up 'digital'.

Which in most cases they don't of course.

When the digital signal strength gets boosted in a couple of years time with the demise of the long time standard analogue, the old style copper wire will suffice on it's own I should think.

Still, plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.


LF Barfe said...

We need the high-gain jobbies with the sodding great cow-catchers here on the Suffolk coast, where the Tac signal is backed off to prevent giving the Dutch too much BBC1. However, I've seen these triumphs of over-engineering installed on houses from which you could practically lick Crystal Palace. Madness. They cost more than a standard multi-element, and the rigger will also have charged the punter for the attenuator needed to pad the over-strong signal down to something workable. Grrrr.

office pest said...

Yup, aerial installation is the new plumbing I reckon LF. Pity I'm not terribly good with heights, but still for the pull of lucre this might be worth a shot as a Saturday job.

"Daa-aad, do you know the ladder's on my foot?
You whistle it son, and I'll join in".