Monday, 10 January 2011

Tell Me When The Work Is Done / Tell Me When The Day Is Through

Mick Karn died on 4th January. I guess all those of us of a certain age would remember Japan, some more fondly than others. Me, I loved Japan, and amongst a group of talented musicians Mick Karn was a very individual bass and woodwind player, respected by his peers and well beyond the 'New Romantic' scene (which Japan significantly pre-dated, by the way), as well as by the fans.

I had the pleasure of seeing Japan play live a couple of times in the early '80s (yes Piley, I'm that old) and they were of course superb.

Hard for me to pick out a favourite track from one of the pillars of the soundtrack to my youth, or indeed one that shows Mick's talents using his fretless bass, above all the others - but here's a couple whilst I think about it a bit more:

God keep you Mick, you really were one of a kind.
Condolences to the family and I hope you get all the support you need.

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Mondo said...

I saw them once - Hammersmith Odeon on the Sunday of Japan's final shows - he was an amazing player, fretless bass is almost impossibly difficult to play at that level. For similar riffing check out Percy Jones work with Eno..

Five-Centres said...

I saw them at Portsmouth Guildhall 1982. I was a major fan and slavishly followed David Sylvian's style as much as a 17-year-old could without being beaten to a pulp back then. I love Japan. Still do.

Piley said...

yikes! THAT old!!! Can I get you a chair guv??!

Never saw them, just a year or 2 too early for my gigging adventures, but always loved them.

One of my first tracks every played on our inaugural podcast was Japan.