Sunday, 9 January 2011

What a Bloody Shower

The BBC have sacked Rob McElwee from doing weather forecasts. I didn't know about this, and no one asked me if it was alright to do it. It isn't. We all know that the weather forecasts are sometimes a bit wrong if not wholly fanciful, though I think they are quite accurate these days as it goes.

But that's not the point. As the weather forecast is only partially viewed for an actual prediction, and more often than not looked at to see what the weather's been like elsewhere in the UK or the World, to remind one of other places in the islands that we might like to visit and also to see how bad others have got it, it falls into the 'entertainment' category of programme. So then, to sack the most idiosyncratic and entertaining of weather presenters on the BBC is classic 'missing the point, BBC', BBC.

Get rid of Top Of The Pops because of 24 hour music channels? Missing the point - I don't want to watch 24 hour music channels to see what's in the top 20, I want a review show. On that reasoning, the BBC would have got rid of the 9 o'clock News, because there's 24 hour rolling news. 'But people want a round-up', they bleat. Exactly, idiots, so give me a pop round up, and make it entertaining. Also, give me an entertaining weather review/forecast, and make that amusing as well. I pay you for this shit.

Employ an entertaining weather forecaster/presenter, not a robot or a crazy man. I can get all that if I want it from ITV or Sky.

I only caught Sir Rob's last show by accident. I'd been out at work (don't ask), came back, put the TV on at just gone midnight to see what was on and saw that the Weatherview was coming up. Essential viewing. At the end RM goes and says, 'that's it from me', then adds 'that's really IT from me', winks, and he's gone!

The year before last, I handed the bankers all my money for the next 25 years (how's the loan repayment plan going on by the way, Mr Shitbag Clegg?). Last year I get handed a right wing coup d'etat instead of an election result. This year the BBC do this. I pay you all, for this kind of shit?

I'm becoming quite unhappy about this sort of thing.



Piley said...

OP, I had no idea you were THAT old... welcome to mid-life my friend, and the joys of daily moaning and being generally grumpy. I hope you enjoy your stay!

Good post though chap...


Matthew Rudd said...

Daniel Corbett is entertaining though, for his bon mots and his catchphrasey sign-off. Then there is Laura Tobin who is just ..... aaaaah.