Saturday, 14 March 2009

A Nice Hunk of Cod

Whilst the intrepid BT engineers attempt to mend the internet, here's a commercial break featuring persuasive pitches for consumer shite of the 70s.

Observe the first green shoots of the vines and tendrils that now embrace our necks.

I also commend this to you from David Hepworth. It's excellent.


Clair said...

Isn't that Rodney Bewes ad so fabulously patronising?

office pest said...

Sound advice for the 70s woman really. 'Have a proper lunch you muddle-headed girlie, it'll do you good and make your hair look nice for your husband. It's only boil in the bag so even a feckless bint like you should be able to manage it. Birds Eye do peas as well, should you feel like treating yourself. Stay off the Emva Cream though.'

(waaah! I've been possesed by BPP!)

And if they were to remake that ad today who would they get? Yes, step forward Anthea Turner.