Tuesday, 3 March 2009

I Am Come to Rule Over You, Earthlings

This Crazy Cat made me look more than twice.

I'm sure he's an escaped ship's cat from a crashed alien spacecraft. Or possibly a highly ranking envoy from a planet staffed entirely with felines.

Whichever, as you will see in the film below, he seems quite happy living here on Earth .....whilst he draws his plans against us!


Planet Mondo said...

It's Eartha Kitt reincarnated as Eartha Kitty

lil said...

Poor thing! He is very ugly…
(I bet he is very affectionate?)

All of the Cats that I have known, appear to think that they own me and rule the world as well?

Maybe there’s something spookily accurate about your theory?

office pest said...

Shouldn't that be Fur-tha Kitty Mondo? Or Purr-tha? You're slipping..

office pest said...

Lil the saying goes that dogs look up to you, but cats look down on you and I think that is almost always true. He seems to like it in the vets which most cats don't, understandably.