Sunday, 25 January 2009

Dancing On Thin Ice

We like Dancing on Ice in our house. But it seems that all of a sudden, ITV are trying too hard. What used to be a programme with its own character, with the presenters operating at about 7 on an 'out of 10' scale of intensity, suddenly appears to be pushing all the sliders up to 13. And the presenters cannae take it, Captain! We have....

...Phil, who now SHOUTS ALL THE TIME, whether it is a dramatic moment or not. It's not the final Phil, and it's getting wearing already. Then there's....

...Holly. Who is perfecting her Stepford-cum-bovine act to the point of stupefaction. Is Phil overcompensating for her lack of energy?

Finally there's Tony....

...the Voice-Over-Man. What programme couldn't be improved by not having his dirty old man sleazy comments after every female turn?

Is it too late to turn the BBC Licence Fee debate on its head and ask if it would be ok if we paid double, so that commercial TV and radio could be finished with, and ALL the programmes made by the BBC?

Imagine, no more adverts on TV and Radio, and no more shite TV production compromised at every turn by the scheduling of ad breaks, the fevered rush for ratings, cross promotions of a blatency to make your eyes water and all with one eye on the front page of The Sun.
Less of that? With presenters allowed to breath? I'm up for it.

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