Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Are 'Friends' Electric?

And now, not live from the Midlands, an extended power cut! Really Ambassador, you spoil us.

All I want now is for the internet to pack up again and my joy will be compl


lil said...

I was totally into “Gary Numan” when I was 12/13 years old.
(I’ve been listening over and over, thanks for prompting the memory OP.)

What a horrible thought!
No Internet...

office pest said...

Loads on Youtube as I'm sure you know lil. 'I Die You Die' is a particular favourite. I saw Numan play once when he was on his first 'retirement', later released as 'Living Ornaments'. It was a long long time ago...

lil said...

I hadn’t thought to seek him out on there!
So cool that you went to see him -
Was it awesome?
Or a case of;
Should have stayed in retirement to preserve the memory?

office pest said...

It was pretty good Lil, as I recall. It was April 1981 and appropriately for this blog we had a huge late snowfall here that made it difficult to get to the station to catch the train to London, although as we got closer there was no snow at all there.

Numan 'retired' after that. It was a kind of a 'farewell' tour, except that he came back a year later i.e. didn't retire at all! I think the support act was probably Tik and Tok offshoot Shock. So long ago!

No idea where you're based but he still tours and the latest details are here:


You need to find out what material he's playing though as I've heard that some tours are 'classic' tours, of the old stuff, and some feature newer material. It depends what you prefer or if you mind.

I also saw Kraftwerk play a couple of times as well but that's another story. Well two stories obviously.