Monday, 9 February 2009

Yes, we have no bananas

Had any post lately? I bloody haven't, nothing since last Wednesday. So what's going on with the Royal Mail, have they been told not to go out in the Snow?

And what's with the panic buying and therefore hoarding of basic foods like bread and milk? Empty shelves, selfish shoppers and the rapid breakdown of the infrastructure lead inevitably to the conclusion that Great Britain is finish..[contd p.94] Copyright popular press 2009 (that's enough Snow stories - Ed)


BPP said...

You couldn't find a banana for love nor money at my local TESCO's the other day. Anyone would think the Germans won World War II, and were now holding back vital banana supplies to Britain because we refuse to go along with their goose-stepping, humourless ways.

The Nazi bastards.

office pest said...

Do you think they've shot the postman and stolen my mail as well? It's like 'The Eagle Has Landed' all over again, except with added Snow.