Thursday, 5 February 2009

Arrh, Snow in the Good Olde Dayes

Marvel at the sense of purpose of the 'Authorities'!

Gasp at the emphasis on common sense rather than H & S over-regulation!!

(Enjoy in High Quality, viewers)


lil said...

Fantastic bit of old footage…

(Ridiculous isn’t it; the way things come to a standstill here these days, every time it snows?)

Rosebud said...

I don't get it? are you a weatherman? Lol

hey, I like your cat!

office pest said...

Hello Lil. The film is good isn't it. I like the way that people thought they ought to take a hand to get things moving as opposed to waiting for 'someone' else. I've asked my Dad and he says it was like that.

Hi Rosebud, and welcome. Am I a Weatherman? Do you know, like most Englishmen, I think I am.
The cat pictured is sadly no longer with us. But as a pedigree Persian he always thought he was special; I'm sure he would have liked all the people looking at him!