Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Feeling Numanoid

Been chatting with lil about Gary Numan, on an earlier post. So for no particular reason other than to get all 1980 doomy on a gloomy Tuesday* 29 years later, here's one of my favourites ladies and gemmun'.

I like a long building intro and tinkling keyboards so this fits the bill from the start, then rocks along like a good 'un, before finishing with a spooky outro. Nice.

He's lasted surprisingly well, hasn't he, considering the stick he got at the time.

* and Wednesday


Planet Mondo said...

I loved 'Are Friends', and the first album - but got put off by rabid Numanoids.. I like him more now than I used too..

Fufu Stew made a new wave (rather this his usual funky nuggets) mix for my PM blog about a year ago, which included a stomping early doors Tubeway tune - you can grab it here

office pest said...

Thanks Mondo I will check that mix out. Re. blogging etc - 'Are Friends Electric?' They are now!

lil said...

29 yrs? WOW!!! Has it really been that long?
The time has just whizzed.....

I’m really loving revisiting the sounds of my youth right now.

Five-Centres said...

I love Gary Numan - now. At the time after Are 'Friends' Electric, I couldn't have cared less and poured endless scorn.

Now I think he's a genius. Change Your Mind is my song du jour, incidentally.

office pest said...

Sharpe + Numan eh F-C. Shakatak, quite funky. I prefer the heavy stuff myself but I remember the video, first time I saw an Apple Mac I should think.